Case Study: Trimble

Case Study: Trimble

Service Cloud Rebuild/Streamline

Service Process Overhaul Elevates Customer Experience

Trimble is a leading provider of advanced positioning technology and mobile solutions that maximize productivity and enhance profitability.  Its SketchUp division sells an industry leading 3D modeling computer program used for a broad range of drawing and design applications—including architectural, interior design, industrial and product design.


The SketchUp division’s support processes had evolved over time due to adding new support groups (some external), systems, and integrations. The resulting state was suboptimized:

  • Multiple inbound case logging systems – some cases were being logged in JIRA and others in Salesforce, making it difficult to keep track of case issuance/status/resolution. This also occasionally resulted in duplicate case entries in the system.
  • Lack of clearly defined elevation policy and process, plus system not set up to support
  • 15+ different inbound case origination sources (web, email, social, etc.) difficult to manage
  • Inability to easily identify common issues being logged as cases


Demand Chain partnered with Trimble SketchUp to assess current state and deliver a solution that included:

  • Configuration – optimized configuration to support Trimble SketchUp’s support needs
  • Policy – worked with client to define/communicate policies, including record ownership
  • Process – Identified and assessed 5+ current-state service processes related to case logging and disposition. Mapped out, revised, defined, and communicated processes.
  • Created Elevation tiers, policy, and process for each: e.g. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
  • Reduced inbound channels – set up Salesforce web -to-case and email-to-case functionality to increase case capture directly into Salesforce.


Benefits include:

  • Visibility to full volume of cases expedites identification and elevation of incoming cases
  • Ability to track (and improve) case exposition – how quickly cases are getting to the right person at the right time.
  • Case elevation Tiers established. Policy and process defined for each.  Approach used visual Flow with custom metadata.  The Salesforce Admin has already found another use case for this capability.
  • Significant consolidation/simplification of disparate inbound case channels from 15+ to 7
  • Clear visibility to issue types via reporting/dashboard
  • Reduction in case resolution time


The consultants we worked with at Demand Chain were skilled at asking the right questions to guide the design and implementation of the support process envisioned by the SketchUp team. We started from a process that had been fitting together for practical reasons, which resulted in a disjointed customer experience and a fair amount of tech debt. Demand Chain listened to our pain points with a focus on our customer-first philosophy. From this foundation we were able to work together to build a process to serve the customer from first engagement to final resolution giving us the ability to report on every step along the way.

– Pamela Wakeman – Salesforce Business Analyst, Trimble

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