Improving Patient Care through Operational Enhancements

Improving Patient Care through Operational Enhancements

The Power of Salesforce Managed Services

A pioneer in heart medical device innovation, dedicated to developing medical devices that improve patient care and outcomes.

A medical device company has been on a transformative journey, to improve their operations and capabilities through continuous Salesforce enhancements in preparation for growth. Partnered with Demand Chain, they decided to utilize Managed Services to maximize their Salesforce platform, supplementing project work as needed. Within a year, they have seen significant advancements in operational efficiency, compliance, user engagement, and, most importantly, patient care.

Pain Points & Targeted Enhancements

The challenges and key areas for enhancements over the year were:

» QAD and Boomi Integration Oversight: Another partner was actively transitioning the customer to QAD from QuickBooks. Demand Chain was asked to oversee and assist the integration with Salesforce to avoid disruptions to operations.

» Patient History & Visibility: The client’s team relied on recent reports provided when talking with doctors in the field because they lacked a way to access data in real-time. A secure way to get patient data and device measurements instantly was key.

» Ease of Billing: The manual billing process post-implantation was a difficult, inefficient process. Tracking medical codes, managing payments, and following up with hospitals and insurance manually was time-consuming. A streamlined solution was necessary to scale operations.

» Inventory Tracking: Like many medical device organizations, and other industries with field service workers carrying inventory, accurate inventory data tracking is a complex task. As they increased their distribution centers, it was important to a new inventory management system.

» Mobile Usability: Mobile continues to increase in popularity and importance as it can boost both field operations and productivity. Improving their Salesforce mobile apps to drive adoption and usability among sales teams was key.

Salesforce Managed Service & Solution Highlights

QAD and Boomi Integration Oversight:

The integration of QAD and Boomi with Salesforce was carefully managed through close collaboration with another partner. As the integration was underway, the team implemented configuration and automation changes as needed to the Salesforce org – collectively resulting in a successful integration without interruptions to the operation.

Patient Programming Interface:

A secure, HIPAA-compliant interface was developed with the customers’ in-house programmer to manage patient device information within Salesforce. This innovation provided real-time access to vital device effectiveness metrics and patient programming history, significantly enhancing patient care while ensuring data security and compliance through Shield.

Automated Billing Process:

A self-service billing platform automated the dissemination of billing information to insurance providers, complete with an authentication system for managing approvals. This solution dramatically streamlined billing operations, reducing manual efforts, and speeding up the reimbursement process.

Comprehensive Inventory Tracking:

The journey from limited visibility to near complete oversight of device inventory during the partnership represents a significant achievement. They now enjoy improved logistics with gains in distribution efficiency because of advanced tracking and management systems set-up. From distribution center to hospital to the sales team in the field’s trunk, they know their devices’ status and location.

Mobile App Usability Enhancement:

Improved capabilities and enhanced data on the platform caused the sales team to double their use of mobile devices. Sales reps can quickly access important info when speaking with doctors and hospitals, boosting productivity, and improving field operations.

Additional Highlights:
  • Technical Debt Cleanup: During projects, Demand Chain’s team cleans up technical debt to improve platform stability and performance.
  • End-User Engagement and Requirements Gathering: A cornerstone of this successful partnership is trust. Because of this trust, the team was asked by the customer to talk directly with the customers end-user Subject Matter Expert (SME) group to gather firsthand insights. This enabled the development of solutions in precise alignment with user needs for more impactful, user-centric enhancements.

Results and Lasting Impact

The strategic enhancements implemented through this partnership have led to substantial operational improvements, including:

» Enhanced Patient Care: Secure, real-time access to patient information and device effectiveness metrics has improved patient care.

» Efficient Billing Process: The streamlined process has minimized manual labor and expedited insurance reimbursements.

» Improved & Sustainable Inventory Visibility: Enhanced supply chain efficiency through better visibility of device inventory built in a sustainable, scalable way for growing distribution centers.

» Increased Mobile App Adoption: Improved field operations and productivity with higher adoption rates among sales teams.

Continuous strategic enhancements to your Salesforce platform build up in an impactful way. Managed Services can help you achieve this transformation by adding experts to your team to guide a long-term strategy. They will assist you in overcoming challenges and grow capabilities through Salesforce – improving operational efficiency, but more importantly, patient care.

Technologies and Products Utilized

The solutions used a range of Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Mobile. These linked to other systems like QAD, RepSignal, and MedNet, and Salesforce Shield for data protection and security. This toolkit helps healthcare customers stay compliant, efficient, and user-friendly in the Salesforce ecosystem.


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