Salesforce Healthcare Solutions

Salesforce offers new ways to create, organize, and distribute
critical information to the right contacts at the right time.
Demand Chain can help you take your patient relationships and
medical innovation to new heights!


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Healthcare CRM solutions can:

  • Help you reach your clients and patients in a personal way.
  • Help you provide a better client and patient experience.
  • Drive better outcomes, improve satisfaction, and operational efficiency.
  • Help you accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation.
  • Help medical device and pharmaceutical companies collaborate across ecosystems.
  • Help promote healthier living and improve care.

Attract More Patients

Create enduring patient relationships by giving them
personalized, experiences across every touchpoint.

Enhance Patient Relationships

Salesforce for Healthcare transforms
healthcare providers and payers 
acquire and manage patient data.

Connected Systems

Integrates patient data, so it can be securely shared
and accessed by providers, payers, and patients.

Patient-Centered Innovations

With Salesforce, you can build solutions that engage
patients, physicians, and partners in new ways.

What we’re able to do with Salesforce is a
revolution in medicine.

– D. Wenzel, MERCK KGAA

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Are you interested in connecting with our team of Salesforce  Experts?