Success Story: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Success Story: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – Fundraising

Conversion from Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge Elevates Fundraising Efforts

Salesforce NPSP Project Delivers Donor Insights & Efficiency

Based in Minnesota, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a world-renowned provider of addiction and mental health treatment services. The foundation offers prevention and recovery solutions across the entire continuum of care for youth and adults.


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation was using an on-premises version of Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge—a third-party SAAS based solution–for fundraiser and donor management.  While the platform is considered a standard for many fundraising non-profits, there were technical and capacity restraints that were preventing the Foundation from realizing their long-term constituent vision.  They were seeking additional data views that were not easily available and were seeking to gain insights and efficiency by executing their fundraiser and donor management directly from the cloud via Salesforce.

A limitation of Raiser’s Edge was that it retained information based on individuals, without an easy way to see collective donor contributions based on things like household, siblings, or multi-generational groupings.  Due to the complex relationships that the Foundation manages between professionals, patients, and individuals, a new solution was required to navigate these issues while maintaining confidentiality and privacy of data.

The challenge was also to replace a legacy network of multiple systems, manual integrations, and offline processes with a foundation to grow upon.  Balancing a solid launching point for future functionality with as many rich features to enhance the fundraising process was the most difficult part of this project.


Demand Chain worked with Client to deliver a solution that included:

  • Build out of Salesforce NPSP (Non-Profit Success Pack), aligned with existing processes in Sales and Service Clouds.
  • Migration from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce that included all historical data.
  • Leveraging the NPSP Household Account model and Relationships objects; help fundraisers understand giving through clinical and professional Organization history with the Hazelden Betty Foundation, and individual and household donations and gifts.
  • Leverage Salesforce screen flows to replace legacy data capture process in Smartsheet.
    • Capture summaries of donor interactions
    • Automates creation of future meetings
    • Communicate updates to donor and donation record data to internal team
  • Creation of new “views” that were unavailable in Raiser’s Edge, including:
    • 360-degree donor view with previous clinical experience, household member and organization giving, household and organization historical giving, capacity to give.
    • Ranked patient alumni clinical experiences (i.e., previous treatment experiences).
    • Donor Contact management – ensuring regular touchpoints during the donor lifecycle
  • Mobile solution – allowing front line fundraisers the ability to access donor information and log donor interactions, while in the field.
  • Implemented Salesforce Accounting Subledger —which allows client to
    • Capture pledged and promised donations
    • Allocate donations to specific marketing campaigns and multiple fund accounts
    • Import and apply payments from individuals, commercial lockbox and credit card transactions
    • Export templated transactions for consumption in the ERP/accounting system (Oracle)
  • Reporting/dashboards
    • Forecasting and production data for philanthropy leadership
    • Filtered data (by fundraiser and timeframe) to show progress toward goals
  • Document creation from within Salesforce, leveraging Nintex DocGen for:
    • Monthly pledge reminders (mass)
    • Pledge agreements (single)
    • Donor briefs (single)


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has found significant value from the migration and enhancements, including:

  • Clearer understanding of total giving and outreach to groups of individuals—whether from a household, siblings, multigenerational, or organization.
  • Automation of manual tasks through Smartsheet to Salesforce processes and integrations
  • More complete picture of fundraising profile information from multiple sources within the Foundation
  • Improved visibility to important KPIs via reporting and dashboards

Based on initial project success, client has engaged Demand Chain to further expand and enhance capabilities.

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