Powering Transformation with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Powering Transformation with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Modernizing Energy Sector Sales Processes | Salesforce Case Study

A leader in advanced energy solutions, specializing in energy storage systems, intelligent software, and system integration for the electric power industry. Dedicated to enhancing grid reliability and sustainability through innovative technologies.

Challenge Faced:

A leader in turnkey systems for the energy sector knew the time was coming to modernize their internal operations. They grappled with the question of when and how would be best to transition from manual to digital processes. The current system was time consuming with the team relying on hard copy documents without a shared database system. This resulted in limited visibility into the sales pipeline and actively occurring sales activities, or understanding of customer journeys.

Modernizing their sales processes became the customers core focus after missing a sales goal. Timing was right, they chose to invest in Salesforce, selecting Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot (now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement). Then, they partnered with Demand Chain for a smooth but swift Salesforce implementation.

Solution Highlights:

Understanding the immediate benefits Salesforce offers, Demand Chain’s team committed to an accelerated 2-3 week timeline for a foundational Salesforce implementation. The team, aligned to customer priorities, focused on deploying Sales Cloud to enhance pipeline visibility and introduce new functionalities for the sales team. Structural enhancements were added to further enrich the platform, including automated data validation across the Lead to Project journey.

On pace with the accelerated timeline, a mid-project pause occurred. Overseeing organizational modernization alongside daily operations, the customer needed time to review progress internally and assess their direction aligned with goals. The work delivered before pausing was already demonstrating its value, and earned the stakeholders appreciation for the team’s quality, speed and ability to adapt. The project soon resumed and the team completed the full implementation without notable challenges.

Results & Impact:

Despite a brief break, the Salesforce implementation was exceeding expectations during the wrap-up and organization training. Key results and impacts included:

» Centralization & Data Driven Decisions: With a centralized database established, the customer can aggregate and utilize information for data driven decision-making. Operational efficiencies included streamlined workflows, improved lead management, and enhanced reporting & sales forecasting capabilities. Together these new capabilities are able to help identify areas for improvement and drive overall business growth.

» Sales Pipeline Visibility: Digitizing the sales process substantially increased visibility and understanding of the sales funnel – ultimately boosting sales performance. Sales reps, now equipped with Salesforce Sales Cloud, became more efficient at turning sales opportunities into closed deals.

» Strong User Adoption: The significant value unlocked through new capabilities post-implementation led to strong user adoption. This in turn increases return on investment, improves data quality, and makes the team as a whole more efficient.

» Strengthened Relationships: Unexpected events, such as a mid-project pause, can occur in the best of situations. A commitment to customer success, first and for most, by Demand Chain when encountering the pause was key for this project. Delivering high-quality work and demonstrating flexibility when needed assured the customer they were on the right track with a partner truly dedicated to their long-term success.

Successful large-scale organizational change hinges on the confidence in both the people involved and the tools used. This case study highlights that outstanding outcomes are a result of the right team and tools aligned towards a common goal. Seeing value from Salesforce Sales Cloud mid-project boosted the customer’s confidence, highlighting the value of a high-quality solution implemented by a quality team. A trusted partner, like Demand Chain, ensure you’re confident in your decisions and maximize the value of your investments.

After the project concluded, the customer chose to continue their partnership with Demand Chain. Through our managed services offering, they continue to unlock more value from their investment each day.


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