Case Study: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – Service Cloud

Success Story: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Service Cloud Deployment Yields 360° Customer View

Salesforce Roadmap Delivers Value to Multiple Business Units

Based in Minnesota, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a world-renowned provider of addiction and mental health treatment services. The foundation offers prevention and recovery solutions across the entire continuum of care for youth and adults.


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation utilized multiple systems to support its business units and functions–some brought in through acquisitions.  The resulting combination of siloed platforms and integration packages resulted in disconnected user experiences and obscured visibility into customer engagement.  Business units and functional groups included:

  • Patient Access Center (PAC) – screens and accepts new patients
  • Publishing house – publishes and sells books
  • Graduate School of Addiction Studies
  • Philanthropy – receiving and managing donations
  • Employees – client employee base

The lack of a common platform made it challenging to get a 360-degree view of the touchpoints and engagements an individual had with the institution.  For example, a person might enter a treatment program, purchase books related to the subject and ultimately decide to donate back in appreciation for their experience.

Client was also looking to leverage their existing Salesforce platform to enhance/streamline their processes and increase transparency in each business unit.


Demand Chain worked with Client to deliver a solution that included:

  • Roadmap – The goal was to support client’s vision of a “Patient/Constituent 360” platform, where an individual could participate in all HBFF programs and staff could see and interact in an informed manner. This included mapping, prioritizing, and sequencing of Salesforce products vs. business unit needs to maximize impact.
  • Redeployment of Sales Cloud and Pardot – refactored and refined to meet current state business needs
  • Initial deployment of Service Cloud
    • Service Cloud (NPSP) was implemented to handle the 150-person crisis call center to improve process for crisis calls–inbound referrals and outbound referrals to partners (for services client didn’t provide). Project included integration with legacy Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and PBX systems.
    • Recent launch for Philanthropy team to assist with contacting and tracking donors and potential donors.
    • Graduate School – Demand Chain worked with client to define and configure each stage of the student application process. They helped client understand the flow and outcomes of each process stage to increase the number of “completed” student applications submitted.
  • Reporting/dashboards – helped client easily see summary level KPI metrics.


Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has created a sequenced roadmap of prioritized projects to fully integrate Salesforce into their entire entity.  They have deployed and quickly derived benefit from initial projects involving their intake center, Philanthropy team and Graduate Studies program.  Based on the success of those initiatives, additional projects are under way involving their Development group, Publishing group, and phase 2 work with existing groups.


Client rated Demand Chain a 5.0/5 on the post-project survey issued by Salesforce.


“’Demand Chain continues to be an amazing partner who has helped our organization expand the utilization of Salesforce!  Work with Demand Chain always exceeds expectations.”  Vanessa Carlson, Information Technology Program Manager – Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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