Success Story: Healthcare Industry Org Split

Salesforce Organization Split and Data Migration

Project Challenge

Our Healthcare client was facing the challenging task of splitting an existing business unit into its own Salesforce instance. They required specialized assistance to navigate this complex process, particularly the migration of the business units’ data and metadata following a migration framework developed specifically to meet their needs and timeline – that’s where Demand Chain stepped in.

Plan and Solutions

Initially tasked with migrating files and attachments, Demand Chain’s involvement expanded as the project progressed at the client’s request, since the team was exceeding expectations. The Demand Chain team assumed a more comprehensive role in directing, guiding, and executing the entire project, showcasing their expertise and value-added contributions. Under their guidance, the metadata of the Split Organization was isolated, migrated, and configured within the new Salesforce instance, with the data migration swiftly following. The seamless coordination and collaboration between the client and the Demand Chain team played a pivotal role in the project’s success.

Timeline & Budget: The project timeline was set for six months. Despite the challenges of working across multiple time zones, including London, the project successfully met all deadlines and remained within the agreed budget.

Tools Used: Salesforce- Sales Cloud

Results & Benefits

The project culminated in a smooth transition that minimized disruption to ongoing operations. The post-launch period has been smooth, with any minor issues promptly addressed by the team. Adoption of the new platform by the Split Organization has been going well, signifying a successful implementation of the Salesforce org split and data migration.

    • Seamless Transition: The involvement of the “Split Organization” facilitated a seamless transition from the Original Organization to the new entity, ensuring minimal disruption.
    • Efficient Data and Metadata Migration: Smooth execution of data migration, and supporting automations and design , highlighted the team’s proficiency in managing complex Salesforce projects.
    • Strong Client-Consultant Partnership: The successful collaboration underscored the importance of understanding client needs and exceeding the initial project scope.
    • Post-Launch Success: Any post-launch issues were swiftly addressed, signifying the successful implementation of the Salesforce org split and data migration.

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