Case Study: Medical Device Company

Success Story: Device Product Scan Directly into Salesforce

Product Data Scan Directly into Salesforce Saves Time

Client is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical technologies that address the unmet needs in cardiovascular diseases with safe and effective therapies that harness and harmonize the body’s natural systems. Client manufactures devices designed to improve patient outcomes, quality of life, and overall cardiovascular health via novel baroreceptor neuromodulation therapies.


Client tracks the status of its devices at three stages in the product life cycle:

  • Finished Good – scanned when manufacturing is completed and becomes a finished good
  • Shipping – at time of shipping, captures where sent—to hospital, distributor, sales rep, etc.
  • Implant – when the device is implanted in a patient

They were manually capturing and entering the serial number for each device in Salesforce at each stage.  However, as volume increased, this was increasingly time consuming.  In addition, it also introduced the potential for introducing transcription errors during manual entry.


Demand Chain worked with Client to determine the best approach for their needs.  The solution included:

  • 3rd-party bar code creation and scanning app (Gimbal Barcode)
  • Custom-programmed routine to scan, parse and process device info to be accepted into Salesforce
  • Re-usability – solution is designed to be easily reused and expanded upon to meet future client needs


Benefits include:

  • Efficiency – eliminates time-consuming manual entry of device info
  • Accuracy – eliminates potential of transcription errors from manual entry
  • Device status – know where each device is at any time—whether in inventory, shipped or implanted


Client rated Demand Chain a 5.0/5 on the post-project survey issued by Salesforce.


“The Demand Chain team quickly grasped our use case and delivered a creative solution that addressed our immediate needs, while providing a solid foundation for future evolution and expansion of our inventory management capabilities.” – Director Engineering, Client

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