Case Study: Aircraft Manufacturer

Success Story: Warranty Claims via Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud Delivers Major Warranty/Service Claim Benefits

Client is a leading manufacturer of premium quality personal aircraft.  The company has delivered an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and safety to their customers for over twenty years.


Client maintains service centers for its aircraft around the country.  Some of these are owned by the company and others are outsourced to certified third parties.  When aircraft need scheduled maintenance or warranty repairs, service center representatives would need to submit a service claim to be reviewed and approved by a client service claim administrator.

The existing service claim submission process was cumbersome and inefficient, leading to frustration from Service Center reps submitting claims. Incomplete and/or inaccurate claim info was frequently submitted, and clarification correspondence was largely confined to email or phone calls and difficult to tie to specific claims. Once submitted, Service Center reps also lacked visibility to the status of their claims.

Client had initiated a project to address these challenges with a different Salesforce Partner with less-than-optimal results.  There was strong need to quickly deliver improvements.


Demand Chain worked with the client to determine the best approach for their needs.  The solution included:

  • Experience Cloud restructure and implementation
  • Complete overhaul of the object model used to facilitate the client’s Claims Process
  • Portal for Service Center reps to login to submit claims, including key info to process claims, including service bulletin numbers, warranty eligibility, ATA codes, flight hours, etc.
  • Flows and APEX triggers were used to customize OOTB Chatter functionality bringing those involved in the Service Claim Process into the conversation as needed, in real-time.
  • Demand Chain used a rapid-iteration approach to quickly deliver working prototypes to gain client input and approval, greatly compressing project timeline


Client brought in hundreds of service center representatives from around the country to share and train them on the enhanced system.  The new system garnered rave reviews from attendees.  Benefits included:

  • Efficiency – major reduction in time for Service center reps to submit requests accurately, easily, and efficiently
  • Status visibility – Service center reps can track the status of all requests in real time
  • Reduced review/approval time – Client Service Claim admins receive all the information they need at once, expediting their ability to evaluate and result requests.


Client rated Demand Chain a 5.0/5 on the post-project survey issued by Salesforce.


“Demand Chain was excellent to work with. I appreciated their clear communication and really felt that they listened to us.  They understood our needs and shared our sense of urgency and were able to deliver benefits quickly.  The results have made a huge difference for our claims processing process.”  – Client Project Manager

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