Faster Orders via Custom Lightning Components

Save Time on Orders – Use a Custom Lightning Component to add/edit Products on Order Object/Sales Quote

Like most manufacturers, your company likely has a complex and evolving catalog containing thousands of products.  What’s more, you’ve likely added custom product fields beyond the fields native within Salesforce.


When companies add or edit products on an Order Object, they often use Add/Edit Products.  However, this approach has limitations.  We recently worked with a client in the building products industry that experienced the following challenges:

  • Product selection limitations – not all the information was available to quickly find if the correct product (out of tens of thousands) was available, consuming time and introducing errors.
  • Product creation inefficiencies – custom fields–unique to each order to be completed–couldn’t be pulled from the Product object. They could add products with the Add/Edit Products screen but then needed to go into each product and update the custom fields manually.
  • Rework – if an incorrect product was selected, it needed to be removed and a new one added.
  • No product availability validation – a product could be added to an order but could be obsoleted in the ERP system before the order was completed, causing additional steps and clicks.

The Solution

We created a Custom Lightning Component that enables them to easily add or edit projects, while significantly reducing clicks needed by Sales reps to navigate the order process.  The solution included:

  • Improved searching capabilities
  • Added the custom fields to the Custom Lightning Component, so order product entry could be completed from a single screen
  • Added a product obsolescence validation check so users could easily update to the new product

Given the high volume of customized quotes they generated each day, they immediately realized significant time savings.  In fact, Sales Reps increased their number of quotes generated by ~20%, translating into a significant increase in sales.

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