Case Study: Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Healthcare & Life Sciences Solution

Migration of Homegrown Solution to Salesforce Adds to 360 Degree Customer View

Client helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop prescription drugs. In addition to providing testing services directly, client manages an extensive network of approved testing partners through its internally developed system.


Over the past five years an individual in the client had developed a sophisticated database in Microsoft Access to help the company manage contacts, accreditation levels, test results, audit data, regulatory approvals, and billing events. However, this legacy system was highly complex, reliant on the developer for enhancements, and limited to certain file sizes. This constrained future growth and put the business at risk if the developer left.


Client sought out Demand Chain to assist with migrating the complex Access database and associated functionality into Salesforce—their single source of truth. The solution included:

  • Deployment into Client’s existing Sales Cloud + Salesforce Customer 360 products
  • Introducing Salesforce Lightning UI components and functionality
  • Translating years of complex Access tables, queries, and VBA code to the Salesforce platform
  • Architecting value-add solution beyond a simple “lift and shift” of current system and processes
  • Eliminating need for many distributed databases to sync flat files from other systems (including Salesforce) to Access
  • Fully automating a highly manual daily flat-file management process through TIBCO
  • Eliminating a key limit on number of referrals a testing opportunity could be sent to
  • Creating business-editable metrics to reduce reliance on IT resources


  • Client has realized the following benefits:
  • Expedited referral processing and approval
  • Improved accuracy and responsiveness due to real time data vs. 1x daily sync
  • Increased revenue capture by correcting billing calculation errors identified during the project
  • Spurred interest in follow-on billing projects


Demand Chain put in the time to fully understand our existing system to ensure that it translated well into Salesforce. They didn’t view this as a copy/paste exercise—they wanted to ensure the inefficiencies and limits of the old system were resolved during the migration. We’re very happy with the results. –  Supervisor, Expanded Laboratory Management Solutions (ELMS)

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