Case Study: Specialty Chemical Company

Case Study: Specialty Chemical Company

R&D Group Fast-Tracks Request Submission and Approval

Client produces and sells specialty chemical products.


Our client’s R&D group is responsible for developing custom chemical formulations and products to meet its client’s needs.  When a new product/formulation is needed, Sales would submit a Request to R&D.  In the prior process, Sales submitted a Request to R&D via email, faxed form, or phone call.  Subsequent follow-up and updates were conducted ad hoc via phone, emails, etc.  With no central location to store and reference the status of submissions and communications exchanged, it was challenging to know where things stood.


Demand Chain and client’s IT group worked with R&D and Sales to define the ideal future state process for request handling and resolution.  The resulting Salesforce solution included:

  • Simplified forms – reduced number of fields and introduced consistency across disparate forms
  • Built-in approval process – greater visibility ensures nothing falls through the cracks
  • Proactive notifications – key stakeholders notified of new submissions, need for review, status changes
  • Chatter – real-time communication platform ensures information exchanged is captured in the record. This has increased efficiency while eliminating ad-hoc email, phone, and other contact.
  • Salesforce reports/dashboards – provides real-time visibility to number and status of request. Eliminated the need for time consuming weekly/monthly reporting


The enhanced process, supported by streamlined forms, proactive notifications and enhanced communication has been embraced by Sales and R&D.  Key benefits:

  • Efficiency – Request form submission now takes a fraction of the time
  • Visibility – Sales and R&D now have real time visibility to status of requests
  • Speed – Average time from request submission to completed solution was reduced


“Demand Chain helped us greatly streamline our R&D request submission, review, and approval process.  They provided valuable insights and guidance along the way.  Our Sales and R&D teams love working with the new system.” IT Manager – Client

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