Case Study: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Customer Success Story: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Data Tracking Consolidation in Salesforce Increases Budget Tracking Efficiency

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO) client helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop prescription drugs.  In addition to providing testing services directly, client manages an extensive network of approved testing partners through its internally developed system. 


In the past, client relied on an elaborate spreadsheet as a budgeting tool to manage and share their company labs and testing records. This system required extensive manual input of data and Salesforce record pulls to generate thousands of reports every year. These comprehensive reports could be viewed from multiple perspectives, such as geographical and currency analysis, to provide clients with a detailed overview of the lab and testing operations costs.


To enhance the efficiency of the client’s budget tracking process, Demand Chain:

  • Implemented a streamlined approach by consolidating their multi-page spreadsheet directly into Salesforce. This was achieved through the use of custom metadata, which allowed for seamless integration of the existing data into the platform.
  • We leveraged the power of Visualforce to create functionality tailored with customized logic written in Apex, which was perfectly aligned with the client’s needs.

This comprehensive approach ensured that the client’s budget tracking process was optimized to its fullest potential, delivering maximum results in the most efficient manner possible.


Through the migration of their tool directly into Salesforce, the client realized the following benefits:

  • Time Savings: Through the transition of reporting into Salesforce, client no longer needs to spend time manually updating data across an all-encompassing spreadsheet requiring multiple reports to be pulled – instead they can export the record and they’re done.
  • Scalability and Positioning for Growth: Hard coding was transitioned to custom meta data that client can rely on as they grow. Demand Chain as well documented where everything is housed in the meta for future updates (when a currency exchange rate changes for example) and shared with client.

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