Case Study: Healthcare Org Merge

Healthcare Technology Company

Org Merge Delivers Platform for Growth

Client is a healthcare technology and services firm that provides Health IT and management solutions. It also serves as a consultant to independent physician groups, hospitals, and healthcare systems.


Client had recently purchased another company.  Both companies used Salesforce, but they needed a trusted Salesforce partner to help them migrate to an enhanced single org that met the diverse needs of both organizations.  Client was looking for:

  • Assessment of which Org to use as the future platform
  • Enhancement of selected Org to support needs of both organizations
  • Migration of de-selected Org to the selected Org


Demand Chain worked in conjunction with client to prioritize the highest value components to include in the project.  These included:

  • Metadata preparation/migration in advance of data
  • Creation of dedicated server to support the migration, enabling use of SQL vs. Excel
  • An innovative metadata-focused migration strategy (vs. manual configuration and data transfer) that leveraged custom Scripts to minimize human-error and provide an option for quick recovery
  • Migration/enhancement of CPQ information


Benefits of the Org Enhancement/Merge, include:

  • The common Salesforce Org enables internal alignment of the two companies
  • Set a foundation for future process and efficiency gains, along with ongoing team alignment
  • Single view of customer – with critical information captured in Salesforce, client is better able to see and understand customer relationships and status
  • Improved sales pipeline visibility – comprehensive management view supported by new reports


Client rated Demand Chain a 5.0/5 on the post-project survey issued by Salesforce.

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