Case Study: Commercial Equipment Rental Company

Commercial Equipment Rental Company

Improved Rental Agreement Processing Slashes Costs

Client is a division of a large multi-national company.  This division rents industrial cleaning equipment to commercial customers. 


Once client Sales rep and a customer agreed to pricing, terms, and delivery/installation dates for equipment, client sent an agreement electronically to the customer for e-signature.  After customer signed the agreement, the original delivery/installation dates were sent directly to the client’s SAP system for fulfillment.

This worked fine when customers quickly signed agreements, but challenges arose when customers delayed signing agreements.  When that happened, original dates for delivery/install were no longer feasible through standard processes, driving costly expediting expenses.  Client was looking to flag agreements before entry into the fulfillment system so delivery dates could be pushed out.


Demand Chain worked in conjunction with client to deliver a solution that included:

  • Flagging incoming e-signed agreements where signature date was beyond expected date, prior to entry into the fulfillment system
  • New process for Sales to notify customer of two options:
    • Push out delivery date (no cost)
    • Expedite to meet original date (at additional cost)
  • Custom-coded e-signature platform (JavaScript using jSignature)


Benefits of the revised agreement handling, include:

  • Major reduction in costly expediting expenses
  • Reduced time/labor associated with exception handling
  • Improved customer awareness of agreement signature delay implications


Client rated Demand Chain a 5.0/5 on the post-project survey issued by Salesforce.

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