Case Study: Red Wing Shoes

Manufacturing Solution:

Creative Case Resolution Delivers Better Customer Experience

Red Wing Shoes is an American manufacturer and retailer of premium quality work boots.

Red Wing Shoes (RWS) leverages a 3rd party partner to handle accounts receivable collection from accounts and payments to stores. The partner was the first point of contact for issues and questions relative to invoices and payments. However, the partner found that many of the cases needed to be answered by RWS. There wasn’t an efficient way to share cases and resolution status between the partner and RWS, resulting in delays and customer frustration.

RWS’ main goal was to create a “360-degree view of the customer,” ensuring that anyone helping the customer—whether RWS or their partner– could see the customer interactions and understand their experience with RWS. The solution was to create a seamless “case to case” handoff/update between RWS’ Salesforce instance and the partner’s Salesforce instance. It was also decided to make RWS the first point of contact for customer inquiries. Demand Chain helped architect and configure a solution that enabled the partner to create and share a case with RWS. With the case logged in the RWS system, RWS can work each case and push the case resolution back to the partner so both parties have visibility into case status and resolution, providing much better customer service.

Solution includes:

  • Innovative use of Salesforce Platform Events to enable case sharing
  • Attachment sharing enabled via XfilesPro file sharing bolt-on application.

RWS delivered a major improvement in customer experience. Once implemented, RWS found they were able to resolve over 60% of customer cases on the first interaction w/ the RWS support team.

Key solution benefits:

  • Better customer experience
  • Reduced processing time
  • Reduced 3rd party costs

“Demand Chain took time to understand our business needs and helped us evaluate multiple approaches. Once we finalized our design, they engaged to help us configure, develop and deliver the final solution on time. Our business was thrilled to meet our deadline and to be delivering better customer service as a result of this project.”

Lisa Marty – Business Systems Analytics Director

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