Time Warp

See related records in one interactive timeline with Time Warp!

We recently implemented an interesting and powerful visualization app on our Salesforce instance called Time Warp. Time Warp provides a visual, interactive timeline of records, including Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Assets and any custom objects. The highly intuitive interface provides an excellent 360-degree view into your customer data.

In the short time we’ve used it, we’ve gleaned some great insights that simply weren’t possible before. For example, at a glance you can quickly see the volume and types of engagement with a specific customer over a time window.

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This highly rated free app (4.9/5) from Salesforce Labs is relatively easy to get up and running.

To learn more and download, go to Time Warp on Salesforce AppExchange.

Written by Andy Boettcher, Demand Chain, CTO, Salesforce Architect and MVP

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