Case Study: Sterilex

Enhanced Salesforce Implementation Unlocks Sales Potential

Success Story: Manufacturing, Cleaning Products

Sterilex is an industry leader in developing innovative, award-winning solutions for microbial control.  It markets a line of proprietary biocides, disinfectants and diagnostic tools that are used in applications such as food and beverage protection, animal health, and water treatment.


Sterilex had purchased licenses and were using Salesforce for basic account and contact management.  They were looking to leverage Salesforce more fully into their core business to address the following:

  • Sales process – Sterilex had implemented a new sales methodology (IMPAX) and wanted it fully integrated into Salesforce to drive adoption and usage.
  • Opportunity sizing – Opportunity sizing was inconsistent as the sales team used different methods to estimate size.
  • Lack of visibility to opportunity pipeline – estimating was conducted outside of Salesforce via spreadsheets and manual calculations, which could be time consuming and potentially inaccurate.


Demand Chain evaluated the existing implementation and jointly prioritized the highest value components to include in the project.  The enhanced implementation of Sales Cloud included:

  • Incorporating their new sales process (IMPAX) into Salesforce instance
  • Loading Sterilex price books and basic rules into Salesforce (pricing automation) to standardize opportunity sizes
  • Creating reports/dashboards for visibility to opportunity pipeline
  • Training – conducted train-the-trainer and end user training to maximize adoption


The enhanced implementation delivered several benefits, including:

  • Single view of customer – with all critical information now contained in Salesforce, key Sterilex employees now have 24/7 access to the same, updated information
  • Sales activation – IMPAX sales process now fully captured into Salesforce, making it easy to enter critical information in custom fields. Reps can simply click a button to create an opportunity and are brought directly to the price book.
  • Opportunity pipeline clarity – process improvements and reports/dashboard provide a clear view of future sales potential. Management can view the current status at any time.


“Demand Chain provided excellent guidance to help us more fully integrate our business into Salesforce. They listened, suggested great ideas, and executed them well. We’ll be using them for future projects.”

Bob Forner – Marketing Director, Sterilex

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