Ready for Salesforce MFA Deadline?

Ready for Salesforce’s MFA Deadline? We can help!

Salesforce MFA Deadline is 2/1/22 – Are You Ready?

Have you seen the emails about the upcoming Salesforce deadline around Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?  We have been working with our customers to ensure they’re secure, trained, and deployed before February 1st.

What’s Changing?

For years, nearly all Salesforce customers have logged in to their Salesforce organization with a username and password or via an enabled “single sign on” that delegates that authentication out to their corporate systems such as Microsoft Office365, Google Business, or other providers such as Ping, Okta, or Auth0.  As security postures improve and new vulnerabilities are exposed, Salesforce recognized it’s time to bring their customers to the next level of security–Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  Effective Salesforce is making MFA compliance part of your terms of service.  It’s not optional and it applies to every user at every account. You need to act now to protect access to your data.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

“Multi-Factor is simply explained as access using “Something you know and something you have.”  Your Salesforce username and password is something you know, and an authenticator app on your phone or a physical security key is something you have.  Some customers have used SMS/text authentication in the past, but because there are easy ways for bad actors to access telecom networks through methods as cloning your SIM, we need to look to more secure ways to protect one of your most important company assets – your data.

What do I need to do?  Is it difficult or expensive?

Demand Chain has been working with many of our customers who need to make the move before February 1st.  Does your company need to take action?  Yes.  Do you need to buy anything new?  No–there is no additional fee from Salesforce, Microsoft, or Google to enable MFA, you just need to “do it” or leverage a partner like Demand Chain to accelerate you there.

Ready to Convert to MFA?

We have created an MFA Accelerator to enable MFA in your organization quickly and cost effectively.  Whether you want to take this opportunity to leverage Office365 or Google Business too, or just enable Salesforce Lightning Login with your existing credentials, we can get you quickly across the line.

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