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Increase Customer Engagement with App Push Notifications Out of Salesforce

Consumer Research Organization client helps consumer packaged goods companies with capturing consumer insights and feedback on existing products and new concepts. 


Client recruits consumers to test and evaluate food products. Once consumers have been qualified and opted-in, client communicates with participants to confirm dates and send reminders about upcoming events.  Client was interacting with prospective participants via email.  However, they had developed a custom app and wanted to augment their email communication to include push notifications via the app as a natural extension of how they were engaging with study participants.


Demand Chain worked closely with the client’s custom app developer (Valtira) on the project.  The solution included:

  • Linking of client’s email marketing tool (Acoustic) with their custom app
  • Storing opt-in participants’ mobile IDs and user information in Salesforce along with existing information (email address, name, segmentation fields)


Client has realized the following benefits:

  • Sync of data between Salesforce and custom app provides a rich record of info that can be used to send highly targeted push notifications.
  • Increased participant engagement via additional mass push notifications out of Salesforce
  • Improved communication with participants by sending individual notifications and reminders via push notifications via the app.


The new push notification capability is a great addition to our email and SMS communications. People are very accustomed to receiving push notifications from other apps on their phone, so it’s very natural for them to interact with ours, improving the customer experience.

Recruiting Manager, Consumer Research Organization

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