Case Study: Cyber Security Company

Success Story: Cyber Security & Automation Software Company

Salesforce Proof-of-Concept Aids CRM Evaluation

Client has provided software that secures IT environments, monitors, and automates processes, and provides access to information for companies for over 40 years.


Client had made nearly a dozen acquisitions in recent years.  The main company was using Microsoft Dynamics for its CRM, but many of the acquisitions were using Salesforce.  Client was seeking outside expertise to evaluate their needs and recommend a single CRM platform on which to consolidate all their businesses.  Client provided a list of things that they currently did in Dynamics as well as things Dynamics couldn’t easily do.


Demand Chain built out a demo for Client to visualize an enhanced experience in Salesforce.  We worked in conjunction with Salesforce to build out a proof-of-concept that included:

  • A Customer Community for Knowledge Base (via Experience Cloud)
  • Partner Deal registration portal
  • CPQ capabilities


The demo demonstrated the potential benefits of consolidation on the Salesforce platform, including:

  • Automated SAAS renewals – this would reduce administration time and increase revenues by reducing friction during customer renewal cycles.
  • 360 customer view – with all critical information in Salesforce, Client would be able to see how various teams are interacting with a given account.
  • Improved Sales results – Sales team would be able to more effectively prospect with activity logging and ability to track account interactions over time.
  • Easier Portal development and customization – Dynamics required a lot of custom HTML code. Salesforce Experience Builder enables development without needing to know how to code.


The Demand Chain team was highly knowledgeable and asked great questions. The demo they developed helped us see the potential of consolidating our companies onto Salesforce.  The proof-of-concept showcased the robustness, flexibility, and ease of use of Salesforce.  We’d recommend Demand Chain to any company needing a similar assessment.

Business Analyst, Client

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