Case Study: Aircraft Manufacturer

Success Story: Aircraft Manufacturer – Product Visualizer  

Visualizer Improves UX, Increases Purchase Likelihood

Client is a leading manufacturer of premium quality personal aircraft.  The company has delivered an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and safety to their customers for over twenty years.


Client established a product configurator and visualizer to be used by prospective customers and its sales reps to configure, visualize, and save desired options for their aircraft.  They utilized a 3rd party 3D visualization expert to build a product visualizer, but wanted to leverage Salesforce to store prospect customer contact and configuration information to make it accessible and actionable by sales reps.   In addition, there was urgency to quickly complete the project so the results could be shared at a major annual event for partners, prospects and more hosted by the client.


Demand Chain worked with the client to deliver a solution that:

  • Leverages Salesforce Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and 3rd party visualization/configuration software
  • Supports both prospect and Sales generated aircraft configurations
    • Prospect customer – creates account on the website. This creates a community user (using a Salesforce Community License) and Contact in client’s Salesforce instance.  Prospect can re-use their login to authenticate across various public client sites.
    • Sales Rep – can create and save a configuration of a prospective client as an Opportunity.
  • Uses Salesforce OAuth for authentication
  • Configuration asset storage
    • Images and PDFs stored in Azure Blob due to large file sizes
    • Configuration details are stored in a Salesforce record with link to Azure Blob
  • Demand Chain used a rapid-iteration approach to quickly deliver functioning product in short time


Visualizer capability was debuted at major annual conference hosted by the client.

  • New visualization capabilities drew positive comments from conference attendees
  • Client Sales reps positive about ability for visualizer to increase close rate
  • Client highly appreciative of extra effort by Demand Chain to ensure readiness in compressed timeframe


“Demand Chain was excellent to work with. I appreciated their guidance and problem solving on how to use the Salesforce platform to accomplish our UI needs. I really felt that they went above and beyond to deliver all the desired functionality in a short timeline.”

– Client Project Manager


Client gave project a 5.0/5 on their Salesforce CSAT.

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