Case Study: Financial Services Company

Success Story: Financial Services Company

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Financial Services Company that provides wealth management services to individuals, families, business owners, and non-profit organizations.


Financial Services Company had a Salesforce Community portal used by financial investment managers.  The portal’s foundation was a legacy code base. The client wanted to add new functionality to the portal but had been bottlenecked by the complexity and limitations of the existing implementation.  They were seeking a solution that would provide an updated platform for future growth that allows easier implementation of enhancements.


Demand Chain collaborated with the client’s project team in a sprint-based methodology to deliver:

  • Flexible, scalable, and dynamic solution aligned with future business needs.
  • Moved from code-based to declarative-based, simplifying future development.
  • Full integration of, adding enhanced features like drag & drop of files into Salesforce.
  • Activated “Digital Experience” capability.
  • New Drag & Drop page creation vs. previous all-custom page development.
  • Implemented permission sets to limit what users can see by role.
  • Simplified ability to create/print key “Household Wealth” summary document.


The project was a significant success, removing impediments to growth:

  • Future Proof – design flexibility enables client to easily respond to future business needs.
  • Simplification – future enhancements can be done more easily using declarative vs. codebase.
  • Efficiency – reduced time to produce key “Household Wealth” summary document.
  • Vastly improved User Experience – activated “Digital Experience” capability.

Based on the success of this project, client is working with Demand Chain to pursue additional capabilities.


Client gave project a 5.0/5 on their Salesforce CSAT.


“Demand Chain has helped us break free from the constraints of our outdated implementation to bring us up to the current capability of the Salesforce platform.  The enhanced implementation provides a vastly improved user experience and positions us well for growth.”  

– Technology Director, Financial Services Company

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