Case Study: Kraus-Anderson

Case Study: Kraus-Anderson

Solution: Salesforce / EPIC Integration

Kraus-Anderson, Inc. (KAI) is an integrated construction management and real estate enterprise working independently and in collaboration with a family of companies including insurance and financing operations.

Need: Kraus-Anderson had been using Salesforce as an Opportunity / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for their sales team and as a platform for tracking project tasks, activities, and information for their Workers Comp Claims “fee for service” project team. Their goal was to continue to use Salesforce to support these teams, and potentially other teams, so that it would continue to become a core enterprise platform going forward. In addition, the goal for the KAI team was to reduce manual entry of customer data and allow the users of each system (Salesforce and Applied EPIC) to use the most appropriate system for their needs.

Approach: After a comprehensive review of their Salesforce functionality, the Demand Chain team advised KAI on best practices, and suggested updates to improve their user experience. Demand Chain worked with the Kraus-Anderson team to define scenarios where each of the tasks were being created and devised a solution to automatically create and assign tasks to the appropriate person at the appropriate time including;

  • Automated creation and tracking of project tasks and activities, based on account status and type
  • Workflow of current claims users
  • Time tracking for the project team
  • Standard Sales management functionality
  • Integration with Applied Epic’s contact, account, and contract data sets (synced from Salesforce to Epic, and Epic to Salesforce)
  • Assist with deploying Salesforce Lightning Sync to Outlook for integration to Outlook 365 and ability to integrate Outlook data to Salesforce

Result: Regarding the work Demand Chain performed at Kraus-Anderson, Managing Director Seth Hausman stated he was “very pleased with the attention to detail, ability to understand our challenges, and practical solution approaches.” Kraus-Anderson can now utilize Case management to track customer support interactions and to schedule dozens of specific tasks to be performed by a variety of internal team members. Prior to working with Demand Chain, these tasks were manually scheduled and consumed significant time which can be better spent supporting other customer needs. Now only ad hoc tasks are created manually, resulting in significant time savings by the support team.

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