Case Study: Central 1

Case Study: Central 1

Solution: Lightning Service Cloud Deployment

Central 1 is the central financial facility and trade association for the British Columbia (B.C) and Ontario credit union systems. Central 1 represents a consumer-oriented, full-service retail financial system that serves 3.3 million members and holds $116 billion in assets and is owned primarily by its member credit unions.

Need: Central 1 launched a new referral program called GetYourShare. Essentially, when a new Credit Union member signs up for the GetYourShare program, then opens an account at one of the 55 Credit Unions in the program they receive $200. The program originally ran on a custom application that was being retired and they needed to (re)build out a 100% new solution using Salesforce. The new solution also needed to be integrated to a custom Amazon webservice layer on the front end.

Approach: Central 1 employed the Point One agency to coordinate the rebuild effort. Point One contacted Demand Chain on behalf of Central 1 after carefully vetting Salesforce Implementation Partners in the US. Demand Chain received the requirements from Point One and began to gather additional information to create a solution that included the deployment of Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Pardot, and Salesforce Shield to help manage compliance and regulatory issues.

Result: Central 1 was incredibly pleased with the final output and the early performance of Salesforce. The Central 1 technical team was “more than impressed with the level of expertise Demand Chain was able to bring to the table” and even commented on how responsive and thorough the Demand Chain team was during the process. The program/project was completed within Central 1’s budget and timeframe of six months (700 hours) delivering many high-level features and benefits including:

  • Ability to generate promo/referral codes to a referrer or campaign.
  • Ability to send confirmation and reminder (nurturing) emails to users that sign up
  • Data tracking and dashboards to filter/highlight leads within campaign.
  • Ability to create 55 co-branded landing pages and forms for each credit union with ease.
  • Integration to existing Central1 Single Sign On (SSO) service to enable authentication of admin users.
  • Salesforce Security Shield enhanced trust, transparency, compliance, and governance across a business-critical app and empowers admin users to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

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