Offer to Salesforce Community

Offer to Salesforce Community

Need help adjusting Salesforce due to Coronavirus?
We stand ready to help!

Through Monday, May 31, 2020 we made our Demand Chain consultants available for a complimentary phone-based consultation to help you transition your business. This includes our highly experienced Salesforce MVP / Architect resources for advanced problems.

A Changing World
It’s astonishing how quickly things have evolved over the past few of weeks as the Coronavirus – COVID-19 has profoundly impacted our personal and business lives.

Adapt Quickly
Many businesses need to swiftly shift to support a remote workforce. Fortunately, Salesforce is designed for that purpose. Demand Chain has operated on a remote-employee model for over 20 years and we’ve optimized our Salesforce infrastructure to support that. We’ve helped hundreds of clients with remote workforces solve that same challenge. We can help you too.

We’re ready to help you:

  • Optimize Salesforce to Support Remote Teams – Quickly map out and navigate the best pathway for your organization—minimizing time to completion and ensuring you don’t make costly missteps.
  • Activate Built-in Salesforce Security Capabilities – We can help you understand and leverage build-in Salesforce security capabilities to ensure company assets are protected.
  • Set-up Emergency Chatter Work Spaces – We can help you set-up emergency response Chatters to accelerate the flow of information across different parts of the organization.
  • Keep Your Business Moving – You may need to make major modifications to business processes ASAP. We are prepared to support your Salesforce environment and your team remotely within hours.

Stronger Together
Demand Chain is determined to help you and the greater Salesforce community weather this challenging period. If you need assistance, want to bounce ideas off our team of experts or have suggestions on other ways we can help, please reach out.

Call: (612) 353-2213

Wayne Latterell, CEO
Demand Chain

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