Case Study: CASES

Case Study: CASES

Solution: Salesforce Sales Cloud

Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES)

The mission of CASES is to increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community. 

CASES was looking for a team to help them with their “Court Employment Project”. Their team was using an antiquated system of spreadsheets, documents, and MS Access to store information on their candidates for rehabilitation. They needed a secure database in order to be compliant with existing Government regulations. They also needed a robust workflow to help maintain candidate training schedules and allow for a better understanding of the “lifecycle” of the candidate through the entire program. The team at CASES also wanted the ability to “drill down” in real time to details of how the candidate was doing within the training process. Examples: Did a specific candidate attend their training, what dates did they attend, what is the name of the instructor, did they pass/fail the specific training program?

Demand Chain met with members of the CASES team to validate requirements provided in the Court Employment Project RFP. After uncovering more details and gaining a better understanding of their needs they chose a Salesforce solution that included Sales Cloud. Demand Chain’s implementation plan was broken out into 5 distinct phases; Plan, Define, Develop, Training, and Support. They migrated the data that was stored within the spreadsheets, documents, and MS Access over to Salesforce. The Demand Chain team designed a custom class and training schedule and workflow for better visibility into their participants progress and programs. They also provide training along with initial Salesforce support.

The result was an overwhelming success. The CASES team have a secure database that maintains compliance with Government regulations. They have a way to manage and maintain candidate training schedules with a better and more predictive understanding of the “lifecycle” of the candidate through the entire program. They also have better clarity of how participants are doing within the training process. They now have less roadblocks to Government funding as well as better access to information about (and for) their trainers and participants in their programs.

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