Case Study: National Insurance Company

Case Study: National Insurance Company

Solution: Salesforce Platform & Community Cloud

Case Study for a private mutual insurance company with 100+ years of experience serving policyholders’ property-and-casualty insurance needs.

A National Insurance Company with 500+ employees using Salesforce that was heavily invested in the Salesforce Platform across the entire organization, however their customer portal was hosted by their document and payment processor. The payment processor was very rigid, slow, and an expensive platform to enhance, so being a customer-focused company, they wanted to bring this entire policyholder experience in-house to enable a far richer UI, real-time data (vs. monthly batched).

Using a 100% Lightning based deployment – Demand Chain implemented MyAccount (a “single code-base” fully responsive solution). In addition, MyAccount is a policyholder-facing Customer Community that allows viewing policy documents and statements, making and managing payments and payment methods, viewing agent information, and referencing FAQ and help articles.

Demand Chain completed the project on time and on schedule. There are over a hundred thousand active policyholders that are being invited to MyAccount (in waves to not overwhelm customer care staff). MyAccount is interacting with five (5) other systems in real-time. Also, according to *Salesforce by creating a Salesforce Customer Community, the company should expect to experience 5 main benefits of Salesforce:

  1. Save Time: Give customers access to not only your knowledge base, but other community members thoughts, as well as those of your employees and partners.
  2. Save Money: By decreasing the amount of tough questions coming into your customer service center. Customers will answer each other’s questions. Every call not connected to a live agent is a penny saved.
  3. Enhance Products: Include product developers with engaged customers for product ideation, feedback and beta testing.
  4. Stronger Loyalty: By having a stronger connection to your customers’ likes, wants, and purchase histories, you can tailor future product offerings and content to them.
  5. Drive Sales: Being connected is about switching from offering services to offering solutions. You’ll be offering them solutions tailor-made to their needs so closing deals is more frequent.


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