Case Study: Ergotron

Case Study: Ergotron

Solution: Global Service Cloud Deployment

Ergotron is a global manufacturer of leading digital display mounting and mobility products.


Ergotron faced a challenge. Key elements of customer information were being held in disparate systems and maintained by separate ad-hoc processes, preventing visibility to data. Data sources included a combination of paper processes, 3rd Party Support Systems, 3rd Party Email, Outlook, SAP, Salesforce Classic, and home-grown systems. They also needed quicker and more complete integration between Salesforce and Oracle ERP.


Demand Chain carefully assessed which Salesforce clouds and features Ergotron owned and how Salesforce was currently being utilized. The team also learned about other Salesforce initiatives that were in process for Ergotron as well as how Ergotron prioritized and executed on those initiatives. After brainstorming with the Ergotron team, Demand Chain crafted a solution that included the deployment of Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud which incorporated Ergotron’s vision of an ideal implementation and a roadmap for migration and deployment of the solution. The project unfolded over 14 months, delivering many features and benefits including:

  • Creating and launching a corporate standard customer/contact mastering process powered by Salesforce Lightning Flow
  • Leveraging Account to Multiple Contacts to increase search visibility of contacts
  • Leveraged Duplicate Management to proactively prevent duplicate entry
  • Live pulls from SmartyStreets for real-time address validation
  • Collapsing multiple disparate support systems (via acquisitions) to Salesforce
  • Migrating and sunsetting 3rd Party email “Case” management software
  • Migrating a “shadow” Service Cloud implementation to standard objects
  • Integrating Salesforce-to-Salesforce with a 3rd party service provider
  • Connecting Ergotron’s enterprise platforms via Informatica Cloud
  • Enabling the business to securely lookup sales rep territories, leverage product BOM information in support scenarios, create and submit ERP orders, and provide real-time ERP inventory information (Oracle ATP) through Informatica Cloud real-time REST web services


Ergotron is now able to anticipate and resolve reseller/channel and B2B and B2C customer issues faster and more effectively. Prior to implementation of the new capabilities, Ergotron’s Customer Service group was only recording approximately 50-100 cases per day. After implementation, they are now recording all customer interactions, averaging 600-800 cases per day with the same staff–an increase of over 1000%. What’s more, Ergotron is now able to measure many customer impactful metrics, such as first-call resolution, time to close, service contract entitlements, and customer demand volume. The deployment was an overwhelming success affecting 500+ global users and over 5000+ partner community users worldwide and enabled better collaboration with dealers, distributors, sales, service, marketing, quality assurance, IT, delivery, and almost every other department across the entire enterprise.

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