Consumer Research Company

Case Study: Consumer Research Company

Solution: Salesforce App Cloud & Salesforce Sales Cloud

Research and testing company specializing in food based products.

The organization works with mid to large consumer food producers to provide essential insight using consumer research.

A local consumer research company was experiencing slow growth due to non-scalable technology (Cold Fusion, Word documents, Excel documents, and Respondents database). Operational leaders needed the system to enable efficiencies across multiple areas of the business, while sharing data to keep parties informed of their dynamic respondent network. Their Sales process was based on Word and Excel documents resulting in duplicate efforts and data silos.

The Demand Chain approach was to leverage Salesforce App Cloud technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reduce IT footprint and overhead. The Demand Chain team built custom Apps specific to the client’s operational needs. The solution was designed to work and scale with all existing Salesforce CRM features and enable their staff to be proactive towards their customers changing needs. Demand Chain also deployed Salesforce Sales Cloud to unify the Sales process.

The result was 400% capacity growth (10x for respondents) and a unification of the client’s customer experience. The client was able to leverage intelligent data – proactively keeping their customers informed. The client also experienced technology enabled growth resulting in a 40% reduction of their workforce.

Need: Client needed a Salesforce solution that tracked all their data, not just some of it. Sales process impeded by duplicate efforts and data silos.
Approach: Demand Chain leveraged Salesforce App and Sales Cloud technology to reduce IT footprint and overhead.
Result: Client experienced 400% capacity growth (10x for respondents) and a unification of the client’s customer experience and a 40% reduction of workforce.

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