Global Water and Energy Technologies

Case Study: Global water, hygiene and energy technologies

Solution: Salesforce Sales Cloud

A premiere supplier of water, hygiene and energy technologies and services across the globe.

Need: Despite a strong global presence in the marketplace this company lacked a global view of sales potential. Corporate account management teams and outside field sales and service teams were operating without a centralized system. Due to the wide range of digital and processing capabilities across the global regions, deployment of a true global solution was complex. Yet, organization leadership identified the benefits of deploying a CRM solution with the encouragement of Demand Chain. The Demand Chain team determined that a solution was needed to provide transparency of customer interactions occurring at all business levels, from the field to global account management perspectives.

Approach: After analyzing the interactions between corporate account management and field management and investigating the limitations of the existing practices, Demand Chain devised a solution. A previously implemented Salesforce solution served as the backbone for global field-based management, while a completely new solution was created for the global corporate account teams. Account management and opportunity management were two critical components of this new solution, both requiring custom development to adapt to this company’s protocols for sales pipeline reporting. Instead of an integrated hierarchy solution for Salesforce, existing capability was maximized without sacrificing future scalability to meet the collaboration needs of the two groups.

Result: Because of this architecture, five regions deployed with a quantifiable global pipeline perspective. Hundreds of corporate managers have more clarity and can collaborate with field level managers and associates. Field level account teams have a heightened understanding of individual customer value to the organization and customer relationships critical to driving this company’s marketing dominance.


Need: A system to provide a global view of the sales pipeline to both corporate account managers and field sales reps.

Approach: Develop a unified solution utilizing a previously implemented Salesforce solution as the backbone for global field-based management and custom development for the global corporate account teams.

Result: A quantifiable pipeline perspective, increased collaboration abilities and a heightened awareness of customer value.

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