Stabilization through Productization

Stabilization through Productization

Salesforce System vs. Tool

One of the many needs that we hear from our prospects and customers alike is the need to drive Salesforce to a point of stability, predictability, and reliability. Those three words are very similar indeed, but they have specific purpose:


A state where the system is gracefully handling errors, integration errors are captured and retried systematically, and users are no longer seeing radical levels of change.


A state where changes are handled through a transparent and active change management process, a level of user trust has been established that data will be where it is supposed to be (and when), and management knows that the users are using the system in a manner that supports KPIs.


Most simply put, “When salesforce becomes a tool instead of a system.”  When users know that each day they can come in, salesforce will always be available, and they are actively performing their duties with the support of the tool instead of in spite of the tool.

Yeah, so what does this mean to me?

Most of the companies that we speak with feel as if there is no way “they” will get to this place, or that this is only something consultants speak of in roadmap sessions.  Legend has it that unicorns and leprechauns inhabit this mystical land….

One of the approaches that Demand Chain takes is called “Productization”.  One of our Solutions Architects, Andy Boettcher, has recently started a series of blog posts on this journey.  You can read part 1 of his blog series [here].

Written by Andy Boettcher, Demand Chain, Salesforce Architect and MVP

Andy has twenty years of systems, networking, software development, and business support under his belt, with a current focus on cloud platform services/enablement. At Demand Chain, Andy works as a technical leader and platform evangelist of the company. He works with prospects, customers, and employees alike to discover how to best leverage Salesforce personally and professionally.

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