Chief Architect Interview

Chief Architect Interview

Salesforce MVP Andy Boettcher

Do you know Andy Boettcher, Chief Architect and Salesforce MVP?

Listen to the “WizardCast” podcast interview to learn more about Andy and Demand Chain!


*There are so many different careers and jobs that involve Salesforce beyond being and administrator or a developer.

Andy Boettcher is the Chief Architect at Demand Chain. His role is a collection of other jobs a little bit of Business Analyst, a little bit project manager, a little bit of a developer, and a little bit of everything.

Andy says, “If you want to help people, an architect path is a really good goal to reach for…”

Andy’s recommends that if you want to become a Chief Architect is to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and then teach your peers your lessons. You need a broad spectrum of knowledge from, systems, platforms, web technologies, business and business process. You need to be able to speak comfortably and from a position of experience and trust across those categories.

We learn that in addition to being a Chief Architect, Andy is also a Certified BBQ Chefs. We also know family means a lot to Andy, despite forcing his daughter to watch Monty Python’s Holy Grail with him. Learn more about Andy at

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