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Case Study: Buhrs Holding BV

Solution: Salesforce Sales Cloud

How to go beyond the basics and get maximum value from Salesforce

Buhrs is a leading worldwide provider of mailing and fulfillment solutions. Its systems prepare media products, such as magazines, newspapers, direct mail, books, videos, compact discs and cards, for distribution. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Buhrs has over 4,500 systems installed worldwide and averages four new installations a week.

With just over 20 employees, Buhrs’ North American sales unit is small and agile, but given the complexity of its products and sales processes, it quickly outgrew its patchwork of home-grown SFA and CRM applications. That’s when Buhrs contacted DCS for help in implementing Salesforce. Initially, Buhrs’ objective was simply to find a better way to handle basic sales and marketing duties. However, Demand Chain helped them accomplish so much more with Salesforce.com that the system spread to Buhrs’ operations in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Germany.

Demand Chain’s customizations enable each group to forecast equipment sales in its own currencies while reporting to headquarters in Euros. In addition to sales pipeline management, Demand Chain also helped Buhrs use Salesforce for campaign management and asset management. The company is using Salesforce’s campaign management system to track the effectiveness of local and worldwide trade shows. As for asset tracking, the company can now track where all equipment is placed around the world. A product manager can quickly see product placements, the number of service calls against them and the sales representative assigned to the account.

“Demand Chain really opened our eyes to what Salesforce can do,” said Michael Aumann, President, Buhrs Americas. “With Demand Chain’s expertise, we have been able to greatly minimize the amount of time spent on ‘sales admin’ tasks, which has increased our productive selling time with customers and prospects.”

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