Case Study: Online Higher Education Company

Success Story: Org Health Check Delivers Major Benefits

Org Analysis Delivers Actionable Improvement Roadmap

Client is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally aligned education.


Client had employed a series of Salesforce admins over the prior five years.  Policies, procedures, and approach were not documented or standardized.  The resulting Salesforce Org contained many inconsistencies, significant technical debt, and lacked a homogenous org architecture.  Client engaged Demand Chain to conduct a Health Check Quick Start project to review their Salesforce instance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Demand Chain completed a comprehensive review of client’s Org using our Health Check Quick Start tools and methodology.  Insights gained include:

  • Poor Adoption – 50%+ of users were logging in < 1x/month
  • Cumbersome lead routing – 3rd party app was resulting in delays in outreach and missed leads
  • 20+ users had System Admin rights – risking inadvertent system changes
  • Many unused and/or redundant Profiles, Page layouts, and Permission Sets
  • High volume of unused reports & dashboards


Demand Chain worked with Client to deliver a prioritized list of initiatives to improve their Salesforce Org and standardize process and procedures going forward.  Recommendations included:

  • Major architectural changes to their Org sharing and permissions model
  • Convert (and eliminate) Process Builders into a manageable number of Flows to gain efficiencies
  • Overhaul Privacies and Permissions Set to align with company intent
  • Remove Modify All and View All permissions from a large user population
  • Shift users out of System Administrator profile into more appropriate profiles
  • Convert lead capture and routing approach to use native Salesforce
  • Remove older reports, dashboards, and associated folders

Client was extremely satisfied with the project results and has engaged Demand Chain to assist with implementing the recommendations.


“Demand Chain was able to quickly assess and review the current state of our Org and identify major areas of security and data privacy issues, and declarative items for improvement.  Best of all, their recommendations will greatly streamline our Org and help us drive consistency going forward.  We look forward to engaging with them on several of the initiatives identified in this health assessment.” Project Manager – Client

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