Use Trailhead To Power Remote Learning

TIP #8: Use Trailhead To Power Remote Learning

Keep your team’s business, tech, and soft skills sharp!

Tip #8: Use Trailhead to Power Remote Learning: Salesforce has a gamified online learning platform called Trailhead. It is made up of modules or “trails” for training a variety of Salesforce users, from representatives using Service Cloud, to advanced Salesforce developers to admins. You can simply login with your Salesforce credentials and create an account.  Trailhead content is free and available in six languages and blends a variety of content types: videos, code samples, walkthroughs, screenshots, etc. At the end of each module the user receives a badge verifying their successful completion of a test or project.

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Salesforce MVP: Demand Chain General Manager and Salesforce MVP, Andy Boettcher stated, one of the most asked questions I get from the market is, “where can I go to learn [x]?” In the past my responses would range from talking about certification study guides, official Salesforce classroom training, or even setting up personal one-on-one training. These are all still very valid and worthwhile avenues, however now my first answer is always the same - Trailhead.








Insight: Demand Chain has incorporated Trailhead in multiple ways.

  • New Employee Onboarding: We use customized “Trailmixes” for training/onboarding our sales team. <sample image below>
  • Progress Dashboard: We implemented Trailhead’s Trail Tracker app (an easy to install app that comes with great set of prebuilt reports and dashboard) to monitor our team’s badges in Salesforce and encouraged our entire team to achieve a minimum of Trailhead “Mountaineer” status
  • Topic Specific Competitions: We have also created friendly competitions for special “Superbadges” like challenging the entire team to earn the Security Specialist Superbadge for their name to be added to a drawing for a $100 gift card.
  • Philanthropy Challenge: During the Covid19 pandemic, one of our Salesforce MVP’s, created a challenge to our team that whoever earns the most Trailhead badges within a specific time frame will get to pick a food bank of their choosing, and he and his wife will donate $100 to that food bank. If you would like to create a similar challenge for your remote team, here is an example of the rules James created:
    • Log in to your Trailhead account and take a screenshot of your Trailhead badge count.
    • Hit the trails and accumulate as many badges as possible! (Modules, Quizzes, Projects, Super Badges all count as 1 badge each).
    • Before the challenge end date (by 3:00pm) take a screen shot of your new badge count, and then send both screenshots to your team’s challenge facilitator or post it to chatter.
    • In the same email, let them know the food bank/charity of your choosing and provide a link directly to donation information.
    • Feel free to post any updates to chatter using a custom #TrailheadChallenge topic / hashtag!

More info: To help support your remote workforce using Trailhead, our team of experts recommends:

  1. Custom Trailmix: The Succeed from Home During COVID-19 trail includes new Personal Productivity, Self-Motivation, and Best Practices for Working from Home badges. More…
  2. Trailhead LIVE: A new ongoing series of streaming and on-demand videos i.e. Work-from-Home Wednesdays will be jam-packed full of content focused on remote work, personal wellness and connecting. More…
  3. Virtual Classrooms: Online classes continue to provide instructor led learning and are available across global time zones. More…
  4. Certification Updates: Certification maintenance exams and deadlines have been eased along with cancellation and rescheduling fees have been waved. More…
  5. Virtual Community Gatherings: With in-person Trailblazer community meetings cancelled you can still join the conversation by registering and attending virtual events. More…
  6. myTrailhead: Salesforce learning experience platform can be customized for your remote team onboarding and training. Salesforce is offering it free to healthcare providers during this time. More…

If you’re interested in learning more about what Trailhead is doing during Covid19 visit:

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