Exploring the Salesforce Spring ’24 Release: Key Features & Updates

Salesforce has begun the Spring ’24 Release process. Starting with the Pre-release Org Sign Up on December 14, Salesforce enthusiasts have been on a quest to discover new features and enhancements. We’ve put together a list of our favorite key features and updates, as well as a list of resources from Salesforce and other valuable voices in the ecosystem to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest updates, from the initial release stages to the nitty-gritty of the new functionalities.

Demand Chain’s Perspective on the Latest Salesforce Release

As one would expect, there is a large focus on Data Cloud and AI tools, with a slew of other intriguing developments across Salesforce’s core platforms. Here’s Demand Chain’s curated list of top items to check out:

Admins: Top Updates to Enhance User Experience

Reports and Dashboards: New Visualization and Data Insights


Flows: Streamlining for Efficiency and Functionality

  • Text Templates Support Reactivity
    • Text Template resources that reference the output of a component on the same screen can now respond in real time to changes in the output.
  • Repeater Component for Screen Flows (Beta)
    • The Repeater component (Beta) for Screen Flow allows Flow builders to capture data on repeat in a single screen. The user no longer needs to populate information across multiple screens.
  • Validate Input Menu in Flow Data Table and Other Components
    • You can now validate the values that a user enters for more screen flow components, including Name, Address, and Data Table.
  • Identify Flows Containing Email Alerts
    • With this update, you can see which flows use an email alert. A new category in Email Alerts Setup displays this information.
  • HTTP Callout Enhancements
    • HPPT Callout Functionality in Salesforce Flow has been evolving over the past releases. It enables Flow builders to connect to external systems without the need to write code. This release introduces the capability to pull a sample response from your endpoint to automatically configure the HTTP Callout.
  • Migrate Even More Processes with the Updated Migrate to Flow Tool
    • The Migrate to Flow tool now supports partial migration for most actions. At a minimum, you can partially migrate all actions except for invocable actions. The migration results identify which actions need further configuration in Flow Builder for your migration to be complete.
  • Drive Success with Seller Home
    • Now Sales team members can start their day with a complete view of their business. Seller Home shows users an overview of their opportunities, accounts, leads, and contacts, along with their day’s agenda.


Developers: Tools to Streamline Code and Processes

  • Use the Null Coalescing Operator
    • The null coalescing operator (??) replaces verbose and explicit checks for null references in code. This feature was delivered thanks to your ideas on IdeaExchange. It is worth a look for all Developers!


Enhancements for Manufacturing Cloud and AI + Data Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud

AI/Data Cloud

  • Data Cloud Enhancements:
    • The release introduces new features like “Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL)” solutions with Google BigQuery, enabling seamless data access to enrich unified customer profiles and power Google analytics and AI models.
  • Einstein AI Innovations:
    • Salesforce has announced improvements to the Einstein 1 Platform, adding features like the Data Cloud Vector Database and Einstein Copilot Search. These enhancements are expected to power AI, analytics, and automation using Large Language Models (LLMs) with business data across the Einstein 1 Platform.
  • Generative AI Capabilities:
    • Salesforce has launched new real-time data and AI capabilities, integrating generative AI-powered features like emails, qualified leads, a Lnd intelligent sales planning to improve efficiency and drive growth.


The Salesforce Spring ’24 Release heralds a new era in CRM innovation, with a focus on enhancing user experience, streamlining processes, and integrating advanced AI and data management tools. These updates not only improve the functionality of Salesforce but also empower users and developers to achieve more with the platform. To find out when your production instance will be upgraded, click here.


Comprehensive Resource List for the Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

A curated list of resources and summaries from Salesforce experts provides a wealth of information for users to explore the Spring ’24 Release in depth.


Salesforce Official Resource Links:

  • Release Site: Your one-stop shop to learn about the release!
  • Release In a Box: Summary deck on many release features
  • Release Demos: Browse our release demos to find the perfect solution
  • Release Overview Deck: A visual companion to the release notes and walks you through the major enhancements in Spring ’24.
  • Release Notes: The detail look at how the Spring ’24 release helps teams work smarter with new product innovations including those built on Data + AI + CRM + Trust.
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