Case Study: Facility Services Company

Success Story: Facility Services Company

Advisory Services + CPQ Proof-of-Concept Provide Implementation Roadmap

Client is a large Minnesota-based facility services company in the areas of Cleaning, Security and Mechanical, offering services throughout the United States.


Client had been utilizing complex, internally developed Excel spreadsheets to execute their pricing/planning.  The solution, while sophisticated, was labor-intensive.  It required significant time to manually create and maintain individual pricing workbooks for each of their thousands of customers—resulting in over 10,000 workbooks that were each touched 5-10 times.  In addition, during their annual planning process, all workbooks were manually updated to reflect current products and pricing.

Client asked Demand Chain to analyze their existing process, understand how the workbook template was constructed, and create a plan to identify the Salesforce products and implementation approach needed to bring the process functionality to their Salesforce Platform.

Client was seeking to provide a single experience for their employees to create a pricing quote for their customers, modify and negotiate that quote as part of the sales or renewal process, provide a quote document to memorialize the proposal, execute the proposal, and streamline the data exchange process to their ERP, WinTeam, for job scheduling and billing. On services renewal, Client wished to leverage prior pricing sheets to act as a template for service renewal validation or modification.


A Demand Chain Solutions Architect engaged with Client SMEs to fully understand their Excel based solution that encompassed: planning, sales, job assignment, operations, and billing. Insights captured were used to:

  • Develop a CPQ proof-of-concept to demonstrate how their process and supporting Excel solution could be executed via Salesforce
  • Recommend Salesforce product purchase plan to support the conversion
  • Identify areas for internal focus, change management discussion, and process improvement for Client to undertake before implementation begins
  • Draft a preliminary implementation plan
  • Deliver a Services SOW for the solution implementation


Client now has a clear roadmap to convert their system over to the Salesforce Platform, including:

  • Clear steps and sequence of what needs to be done
  • Confidence that the proposed solution will address business needs
  • Cost estimate for project to build into annual planning
  • Understanding of principal needs to support solution adoption
  • Ideas for integrations between Salesforce and other internal systems in the future
  • Estimates of efficiencies/costs savings to be realized to build into the business case

Based on the clarity provided through this project, Client will work with Demand Chain to pursue the recommended implementation approach in 2023.


Client gave project a 5.0/5 on their Salesforce CSAT.


 “Demand Chain was an expert advisor throughout the project.  They asked lots of questions to ensure they understood our processes and provided a CPQ proof-of-concept so we could visualize how our current approach would translate onto the Salesforce platform.  We look forward to reaping the benefits of their recommended approach.”  – Project Sponsor — Client

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