Unify Team with Dashboards

TIP #2: Unify Your Remote Team with Dashboards 

Keep everyone on the same page!

Tip #2 Dashboards: Team alignment is critical for business success, but it can be easily disrupted. Quickly transitioning teams from an office to working remotely can be disruptive, making it difficult to keep everyone focused on what matters. Fortunately, Salesforce Dashboards can be a great tool to assist with this–unifying teams around a common set of goals, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Dashboards are visually appealing summaries of key data. They can be quickly and easily set up from any Reports your company uses (or chooses to create). In addition to a high level, corporate Dashboard, many companies also set up functional Dashboards for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Individuals can reference these Dashboards 24/7 on their own or collectively discuss during team meetings ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Dashboards and Reports

Insight: At Demand Chain, we’ve found our Dashboards to be a powerful unifying factor for our remote team. Dashboards are an efficient way to present related information, giving everyone instant access to current performance indicators. We’ve found them particularly helpful for:

  • Sharing current state of the business
  • Rallying the team around specific initiatives
  • Tracking and celebrating team successes

If you’re unfamiliar with Dashboards or want to adjust yours due to evolving business conditions visit Saleforce.com for more information.

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