Save Time with Native Salesforce Tools

Save Time with Native Salesforce Tools

Salesforce Administrators usually wear many hats and at times it can be hard to gain traction. Here are a few quick tips to help check things off the to-do list faster.

Login as any user

If you haven’t already, look into enabling “Login as any User” from the setup menu. Having the ability to quickly login as other users from their user record is priceless! Use this for: verifying profile/permission set changes, troubleshooting issues, on the spot training and building quick reports/list views that only that user may need.

Schema Builder

Aptly named, this one is easy to miss; search for “Schema Builder” in the Setup menu. Use this for:

  • Building new Functionality: when working with users on processes that involve new custom objects, bring up Schema Builder to see the existing objects that will be related. This can save time during discovery as well as configuration.
  • Documentation: Once a new process has been established, put together a high-level document that briefly speaks to the purpose of each object and how they are related. At the top of this document, add a screenshot of Schema Builder showing the objects and their relationship to each other. This is an easy way to provide a visual representation of your work.
  • User Training: For example, many Admins will find themselves reviewing with users the relationship between Campaigns, Campaign Members, Contacts and Leads. Users often get hung up on Campaign Members and its purpose. Having the ability to pull up Schema Builder to support the conversation can save time and confusion.

Add a unique logo to Sandbox Environments

Label test environments as a Sandbox by uploading a “Sandbox” logo to documents and adding it to your custom apps. Having a clear visual indicator that you are in a test environment will save you time, especially if you are guilty of having multiple tabs open across sandbox and production. Trainees and users who log into sandbox and production will also thank you.

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