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TIP #5: Recognize Your Team’s Heroic Efforts  

Celebrate Success Using Salesforce!

Tip #5: Recognize your heroes. Our current chaotic environment creates daily opportunities for individuals on your team to go beyond expectations to meet the needs of customers (or fellow teammates). Yet, with everyone working remotely, much of this effort could go unnoticed. Plus, there are fewer opportunities to deliver “thanks.” How best to identify and show appreciation for individual (or group) efforts, while also showcasing the inspiring deeds to the broader team?

Insight: At Demand Chain, we created a program we call “DC Hero.” It enables anyone in the organization to quickly and easily give a shout-out to any individual (or group) who has done something special. These can range from extra effort on a major project to spending time with a teammate to train them on a new capability. Once submitted, the entire team is alerted to the shout-out via a Chatter entry. While the primary purpose of the program is to highlight the exceptional acts that occur almost daily, we also track the number of “DC Heroes” earned by each team member. The highest earners are acknowledged and awarded gift cards during a team meeting. An added benefit of this program is that is builds a habit of regularly celebrating the team’s effort and wins, reinforcing a culture of appreciation and success.

Recognize Your Teams Heroic Efforts with Salesforce

How To Create a “Hero” Program In Salesforce
Setting up and administering a Hero program in Salesforce is relatively straight forward. The key elements are:

  • Access: To maximize use, the tool needs to be easily accessed by the entire team. To accomplish this, we created a “Global Action” in our Salesforce instance. This way, people can easily access it from wherever they are in Salesforce.
  • Simplicity: Make the submission process short/simple. We include just two fields
    • Employee name – select from a drop down
    • Message – open text box in which to write details about the recipients actions
  • Awareness:
    • Each submission is automatically logged as a post in Chatter under the Topic “DCHero”
    • DCHero submissions are included in a weekly summary email to the entire team
  • Tracking:
    • Set up reports to track the number of Hero submissions received be each teammate. Also track the number of submissions made by each team member—an important program element.
    • Create a dashboard to easily check in on progress
  • Acknowledge/Reward: On a regular basis (we do ours quarterly), have a team celebration of the number of submissions and team members receiving the most submissions. While the biggest component of this is the recognition.

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