Enterprise Wide CRM

Enterprise Wide CRM

When discussing enterprise wide CRM with our clients, the conversation routinely turns to the concept of Single Customer View.  As you probably already know, each organization will naturally want to be a little different in their approach to realizing a unified CRM. However, based on the conversations we’ve had with our clients, there is a common presence of themes and assumptions related to the Single Customer View, which may go beyond what is actually needed.

To keep it simple, we’ve found that when an organization looks more broadly across functional teams, focusing less on processes and more on categorization of major data facts, customer patterns are easy to realize.  This practice isn’t rocket science, but can sometimes be forgotten or lost when teams are focused on tactical details.

The takeaway is that categorization is the key to enabling different perspectives of the organization, and providing the right information to the appropriate organization employee or partner.

In summary, enterprise wide CRM doesn’t have to mean one customer record with loads of data points to meet each individual perspective of the organization.  Instead, a focus of aligning customer transactions at foremost categorical levels can make sharing customer insights across the organization easy and actionable.

Written by Jeff Pierson
Demand Chain Success / Project Manager

Jeff has been leading business and technology teams through CRM projects for over ten years. As a Success Manager at Demand Chain, Jeff is responsible for guiding teams through CRM implementation and platform ideation as well as maximizing the client’s platform investment through lasting CRM value and adoption.

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