Dreamforce: Top 5 List

Dreamforce: Top 5 Take-a-ways!

A select group of our team leaders and Salesforce experts attended multiple sessions and key presentations at Dreamforce.

After returning from the event, we polled our team and pulled together their “Top 5” hot topics from this year’s event.

  1. Lightning: Salesforce Lightning is not going away! Lightning releases include; Custom theming and branding, personalized navigation, Lightning Dev Components, Dynamic Lightning pages, Console JavaScript API, and Lightning Flow. Also, there were a number of demos of Salesforce’s V2MOM tool – which provides the ability to track an individual’s goals and objectives for the year, built with a Lightning App within the user’s profile in their internal org. More information on Lightning…
  2. Mulesoft: With Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Mulesoft there was a lot of discussion on Mulesoft especially as it relates to Customer360. Using tools from the MuleSoft acquisition, Customer360 will provide additional data to the whole view of the customer, integrating data from other systems, and allowing users to get a better understanding of their customer, regardless of where the data resides. Learn more about Mulesoft here.
  3. Communities: Salesforce continues to invest heavily in the Community platform and is making strides towards allowing it to be a more holistic solution for a web interface for internal or external users. During Dreamforce, they announced B2C Commerce through the Community (using the Cloud Craze acquisition), as well as new CMS tools to make the interface more closely resemble a standard web site. These tools will allow for more heavy adoption of the Community platform and will make it much more engaging for users. Learn more about Salesforce Communities here.
  4. Compliance: Salesforce presented a demo of a solution for compliance tracking – when changes occur within an organization, they use a custom object to track the changes they made, why they made them, and show proof of their testing, and they can tie it all back to the case that requested the change. More information on Salesforce compliance here.
  5. Agile: Agile was a hot topic at this year’s Dreamforce. Agile Accelerator – another internally developed application that Salesforce uses to run its development of the platform, Agile Accelerator (AA) provides an Agile Project Management tool with issue tracking and ties to testing and continuous integration. More information on the Agile Accelerator here.

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