Salesforce Accelerators

Expertly Designed Solutions to Fuel Your Success

Maximize your Salesforce capabilities with Demand Chain’s expertly crafted Salesforce Accelerators – solutions rooted in deep Salesforce expertise, offering unparalleled efficiency gains, seamlessly integrating into your existing business processes.

Quote Accelerator

Quote Request Accelerator

Bring Transparency & Precision to Quote Management

Experience streamlined quote management with our Quote Request Accelerator. This solution, seamlessly integrated within Salesforce, prioritizes operations queues, boosts collaboration, and offers real-time updates. It’s the ideal solution for businesses looking to simplify their quote management processes within Salesforce.

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Sales Manager Accelerator

Master Your Sales Pipeline & Forecast with Confidence

Designed for precision in sales forecasting and effective pipeline inspection, our Salesforce Sales Manager Accelerator revolutionizes sales management. It activates and trains teams on Salesforce’s advanced features, ensuring informed decision-making and efficiency in sales processes.

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Sales Manager Accelerator
CPQ Accelerator (2)

CPQ Accelerator

Simplify Your Quote Process & Gain Efficiency

Maximize your quoting efficiency with our CPQ Accelerator, a comprehensive solution that establishes a solid foundation, streamlines product configuration, and optimizes the quote process. Kickstart your journey with a discovery and planning session tailored to your business needs, followed by a hassle-free package installation and activation. Benefit from basic page and search configurations designed for ease of use.

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Manufacturing Accelerator

Unlock the Future of Manufacturing

Unleash efficiency with our Salesforce Manufacturing Accelerator, a fast-track solution to seamlessly integrate the power of Sales Cloud into your manufacturing operations. This accelerator is customized to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing operations and lay the groundwork for scalable growth and enhanced efficiency. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing you’re equipped to handle today’s challenges and prepared for the evolving landscape of the future manufacturing industry.

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MFG Accelerator

Unlock Your Salesforce Potential