Salesforce CPQ Accelerator

Simplify Your Quote Process & Gain Efficiency

Enhance every aspect of your sales process for peak performance and efficiency with our Salesforce CPQ Accelerator.

Empower Your Quoting Efficiency with Advanced Salesforce CPQ Tools

Equip your business with a comprehensive CPQ solution that establishes a solid foundation for your quote process, from discovery and planning to product configuration and quote optimization.

Key Benefits:

» Salesforce CPQ Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce for an improved quote process.

» Quote Process Efficiency

Streamline your entire quote journey, enhancing efficiency from start to finish.

» Product Configuration Mastery

Simplify and refine product configuration for more effective management.

» Sales Pipeline Clarity

Achieve clear insights into sales pipeline stages for accurate forecasting and strategic decisions.


Product Rule


A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Approach to Enhance Your Quoting Process

This structured process ensures that your team is not only equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to generate precise, validated quotes efficiently but they also gain enhanced visibility across sales pipeline stages, providing a strategic edge in today’s competitive market.

1. CPQ Foundation Setup

  • Discovery/Planning Session: Begin with a tailored session to align the CPQ Accelerator with your specific business needs.
  • Package Installation and Activation: Hassle-free setup of the CPQ Accelerator package within your Salesforce environment.
  • Basic Page and Search Configurations: Customize your user interface for ease of use and efficient navigation.

2. CPQ Product Configuration

  • Import of Products: Seamlessly integrate products into a single price book for streamlined management.
  • Product Categorization: Organize products into intuitive categories for easy access and selection.
  • Bundles Setup: Create sophisticated product bundles, enhancing the versatility and appeal of your offerings.

3. Quote Process Setup

  • Opportunity and Quote Set-up: Structured setup to optimize the management of quotes and opportunities.
  • Rules for Quote Validation: Implement up to 5 product & price rules to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your quotes.
  • Customized Quote Templates: Creation of 2 quote templates, each featuring 3 sections and detailed terms, to suit your business’s unique needs.

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Process with Salesforce CPQ?

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