Salesforce Integration / Migration

Seamlessly migrate your customer data from other applications.

Demand Chain is a Minneapolis, MN Salesforce integration company, we migrate customer data from other applications such as ACT!, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoldMine, Sage SalesLogix, QuickBooks, custom systems, and Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce.

When properly structured your customer data can help your sales people sell more efficiently and enable your team to engage and be more responsive.

More than running an import/migration tool.

  • Import Legacy IDs – Whether data is being brought in from ACT!, GoldMine or another source, the Legacy ID for each record should be populated into a custom field in all CRM records. With the legacy ID available, linked information, such as history records, can be imported at any time. Also, if a field was accidentally omitted from the initial import, already imported records can be updated from the original data source.
  • Compound Keys for Companies – When migrating data from a contact-centric data source such as a contact manager, it’s useful to create a compound key based on portions of multiple data fields, such as the Company and Address fields. This serves to group contact records by company, which makes it much easier to import data into an account-centric CRM system.
  • Create and Map Only Relevant Data Fields – It’s best to first run an analysis on the contents of legacy fields. If there are fields in existing databases that are hardly being used, it may not make sense to migrate data from those fields. Alternatively, the intent behind these fields can be rethought and improved upon in the CRM system.
  • Normalize Old Data – If there are repetitive groupings of fields in a legacy, flat file database, take advantage of the relational capabilities of a CRM database. Normalize these groupings into separate records within a child table or object. This takes extra time, but is well worth it in the long run.

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