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Demand Chain can help you boost growth and productivity
using Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Einstein AI.


As a strategic leader you have to create a clear understanding of how your organization exchanges value with its markets and build a shared sense of what goes into value-based decision-making.


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Einstein & Salesforce Analytics Cloud Integration:

  • Helps identify wins and opportunities using new metrics and dashboards.
  • Can efficiently implement preventive or corrective actions.
  • Helps management identify, adopt, and retain winning behaviors.
  • Establishes an “information” culture.
  • Prepares you for pipeline review, leadership, and board meetings.
  • Continually updates KPIs and dashboards to align with new corporate strategies.
  • More info on how to apply AI to your Customer Service via Salesforce.
  • Learn why Sales Quota’s won’t exist in 2025 via 360blog!

Clarify Organizational Purpose

Define the potential for your organization to create value based on general market needs and rank the value exchange options based on overall productivity and market share.

Prioritize Market Options

Describe broad markets and general attributes that represent opportunities to exchange value. Recognize new markets and changing markets based on the most relevant and current market research.

Organizational Consensus

Build a clearly defined strategy for achieving overall go-to market objectives. Maintain communication of the strategy as teams and the strategy itself changes.

Decision Making-Alignment

Define core drivers of good customer and market driven decision-making based on the go-to-market strategy. Reinforce team member decision-making processes so they can make sound decisions.

Today’s AI is about new ways of connecting people to computers, people to knowledge, people to the physical world, and people to people. – Patrick Winston, MIT

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