Salesforce Development

Our CRM developers have experience providing Salesforce solutions for varying customer needs across many industry domains. Salesforce is highly customizable by design.


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Salesforce Development can include:

  • As-is and to-be process design.
  • Mapping processes to Salesforce process and gap/fit analysis.
  • Workflow design.
  • User security and roles design.
  • Lead gen and conversion, opportunity, product & pricing management, quote creation, account and product management, and upgrades.
  • Custom screen and module design.
  • Report and dashboard design.
  • Implementation, setup, configuration, and customization.

Local Team

Our Salesforce developers provide secure, reliable, seamless, and scalable integration of Salesforce with your organization’s on-premise applications.

Tailored Solutions

Our team of Salesforce experts understand and tailor solutions
for your unique business needs.

Experienced Experts

Leveraging our strong expertise in customizing and extending Salesforce
using Apex and Visualforce.

Range of Services

Define core drivers of good customer and market driven decision-making based on the go-to-market strategy. Reinforce team member decision-making processes so they can make sound decisions.

DCS helped us work more efficiently as a team and take full advantage of every sales opportunity by customizing Salesforce with features that add value and drive utilization.

– Holly Huso, CDI

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