Success Story: Pump & Valve Manufacturer

Optimizing a Manufacturing Lead Routing Process through Salesforce.

Manufacturer provides high-performance valves and pumps to a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, and water treatment, while also offering repair, maintenance, and technical support services.


The manufacturing customer was using a manual process to route information and quote requests from their company contact email to sales representatives. This process involved sorting and categorizing leads manually, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. They sought to streamline the process by implementing an automated system that would create a lead record in Salesforce. The customer was utilizing spreadsheets and Marketo for lead assignments, but these methods proved challenging due to their reliance on manual processes. They recognized their need for a more efficient and streamlined solution to manage leads effectively and brought in Demand Chain.


Demand Chain proposed a custom lead assignment solution using Salesforce Leads. Custom assignment optimized the customers lead routing process by automating the lead assignment process based on geographic region and type of lead. This incorporated territory alignment work and set up a lead queue for managing leads, and streamlined their lead routing process.
We utilized the customers current software, Marketo, instead of Pardot because they already had data in accounts that they did not want to lose. The project focused on an improved and sustainable solution that captures email and contact information for engagement. Building a better solution to facilitate the creation of lead records sent to their designated company contact email.


The customers end result was a successful lead assignment solution that significantly improved and increased the speed of their sales process. The sales team now receives leads in real-time and can immediately take action, resulting in increased efficiency, time savings, and improved speed to market. The automation drives an accelerated ability for sales reps to ultimately capture and respond to leads faster, with consideration for territorial / product assignment accuracy, to ensure every deal (including the elusive million-dollar leads) are handled with urgency!

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