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At Demand Chain, our team of experts is here to guide you through an extensive range of Salesforce Clouds & Solutions. Once we understand your current pain-points and goals, we can provide actionable insights to drive your Salesforce success and empower you every step of the way. With options like Salesforce Field Service and Salesforce CPQ, you’ll have all the tools you need to thrive with Salesforce.

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Dive into our Business CRM Solution offerings! If you spot a solution that resonates or have questions, reach out – we’re here as your trusted Salesforce partners every step of the way.

Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a game-changing solution designed specifically for manufacturers. With its advanced features and capabilities, Manufacturing Cloud empowers manufacturers to transform their sales and operations planning, driving efficiency, collaboration, and growth.

+ Real-Time Data and AI-Powered Analytics

+ Informed Decisions and Enhanced Efficiency

+ Collaboration Across the Value Chain

+ Improved Forecasting and Customer Satisfaction

+ Key Performance Indicators and Revenue Growth

+ Enhanced Visibility and Process Optimization

+ Integration for Unified Customer Journey

+ Exceptional Customer Satisfaction and Differentiation

+ Adaptability and Thriving in the Digital Age

+ Driving Growth and Profitability


Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud lets you deliver a new era of service in a hyper-connected world. Service Cloud is an AI-powered customer service platform, able to manage every service channel from social media to phone calls in one console.

+ Improve Support

+ Resolve Service Issues

+ Boost Efficiency

+ Reduce Case Volume

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Analytics Cloud

Demand Chain can help you boost growth and productivity using Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Einstein AI. As a strategic leader you have to create a clear understanding of how your organization exchanges value with its markets and build a shared sense of what goes into value-based decision-making.

+ Clarify Organizational Purpose

+ Prioritize Market Options

+ Organizational Consensus

+ Decision Making-Alignment

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CPQ Salesforce

Elevate your sales process with Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software. This powerful tool enables your sales team to effortlessly generate accurate, tailored price quotes at the click of a button. Seamlessly accounting for various product configurations, customizations, quantities, and discounts, CPQ ensures swift and precise pricing for your customers. Accessible on any device through its cloud-based platform and seamlessly integrated with Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ empowers your sales team to make impactful decisions backed by CRM insights.

+ Custom Tailored

+ Provides Centralized Platform

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Sales Cloud

Organizations ranging from smaller internal account teams to large, distributed field-based sales teams. We understand the complexities of diverse selling environments and are able to apply any of the industry-leading sales processes.

+ Close More Deals

+ Get More Leads

+ Accelerate Productivity

+ Make Insightful Decisions

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Experience Cloud

Demand Chain can build a branded self-service online community for your customers that gives quick access to answers with AI-powered content recommendations. Experience Cloud provides a place for customers to get the help and answers they need without any interaction with an agent.

+ Build Your Community

+ Empower Your Employees

+ Grow Partner Sales

+ Connect Your Customers

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Field Service (SFS)

Empower your field service business with Salesforce Field Service, formerly known as Field Service Lightning. This highly customizable, mobile-friendly solution offers a robust field service hub within Salesforce. Seamlessly manage work orders, scheduling, and your mobile workforce with features like multilevel service territories, inventory tracking, maintenance plans, and insightful service reports. Streamline operations and enhance customer experiences with Field Service, an essential for today’s industry.

+ Einstein Vision

+ Provide Insightful Decisions

+ Speed Up Work Orders

+ Optimize Schedules

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Field Service

Lightning Platform

Extend your CRM solution with prebuilt apps or build personalized apps around your customer with the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Salesforce’s AppExchange has an “app” for just about every business function you could possibly think of … and if it doesn’t exist we can help you build it. Learn more about this powerful Salesforce platform as a service.

+ Provide Personalization

+ Engage Customers

+ Engage Employees

+ Build Trust

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